Friday, December 16, 2011

Quarter 2 Exam Review

  1. What is the role of a political party in the American political system?
  2. What are the most important parties? What issues does each support?
  3. What are the "third parties" in American politics? What does each party support?
  4. Do third parties have equal access to voters? Should they have equal access to voters? Explain.
  5. Name each of the Republican candidates. For each, be able to describe his background, his qualifications, and his approximate place in the polls.
  6. What is an interest group? What role do interest groups play in American politics?
  7. What is a lobbyist? What role do lobbyists play in American politics?
  8. Name and describe the main lobbying tactics.
  9. What is the Occupy Wall Street movement? What are its goals? Do you agree with it? Explain.
  10. Name and describe the constitutional powers of the president.
  11. What is delegation of power, in the context of the American presidency?
  12. Name and describe the inherent powers of the president?
  13. What is a presidential veto? Why is this an important power? How can a veto be overcome?
  14. What is an executive order? What does it enable the president to do?
  15. What was the Illinois Pollution Control Board? What were its goals? What groups presented before it? What were their goals?

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