Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Issues faced by Bill Clinton during Presidency:
Large Federal Deficit
Growing gap between rich and poor
Eligibility of homosexuals to serve in the military
Trade imbalances between North American countries
Health Care Reform (Push for Universal Health Care)
Illegal Immigration
Domestic and Foreign Terrorism (and emergence of al-Qaeda, attempt to capture bin Laden in 1996)
Oklahoma City Bombing
Terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda on American embassies in East Africa
Threats to U.S. in Iraq, Somalia and Eastern Europe
Conflict over land between Israelis and Palestinians
And the activity:
Your book lists the many powers given to the president by the Constitution, as well as examples of inherent powers which can be inferred to belong to the president.
Choose 5 of the 9 major issues faced by Bill Clinton during his presidency.
For each of the issues you choose, select a presidential power. Then, explain how Clinton could attempt to use that power to address your chosen issue.
Each issue should take about 3 sentences to address
2 pts. each, 10 pts. total.

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