Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Classroom Constitution

As promised, here are the resolutions passed during our Class Constitutional Convention. Use them to assist you when you are completing your homework.

As a clarification, remember: these are the resolutions you voted on in class when you were role-playing the parties involved in the real-life Constitutional Convention.

  1. Be it resolved that slavery will be legal
  2. Be it resolved that the slave trade will not be abolished
  3. Be it resolved that livestock and cattle can be used to pay off debts
  4. Be it resolved that bonds will be paid off in full
  5. Be it resolved that white bankers and white landowners should be able to vote

As a bonus, here are the issues the republican candidates talked about in the Tea Party sponsored debate on CNN:

  1. Texas job growth
  2. Is Social Security a Ponzi scheme? Perry said it was.
  3. HPV Vaccine, Merck, and Perry's executive order
  4. Immigration

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