Friday, September 9, 2011

Fri. 9/9/11 Homework: The Banality of Evil

Mohammad Atta
This morning, National Public Radio (NPR, WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago) aired a story titled "'The Banality of Evil': Following the Steps to September 11. Listen to the story at WBEZ's website.

The story runs about 9 minutes. Part is transcribed at the link you can visit, but you need to listen to the story to get the whole thing.

When you're done, answer the questions below on loose leaf paper. They are worth 16 points total (2 points each), and are due on your desk at the start of Monday's class. Include at least one specific piece of information from the story in your response.

Don't forget to bring your handouts and question responses for our mock Constitutional Convention!

  1. Who was Mohammad Atta? Why is he the focus for this story?
  2. Who is Richard Clarke? What was his job?
  3. How did "luck and focus make all of the difference" in the events leading up to the September 11, 2001 attacks?
  4. Why does the report say that Al Qaeda was "lucky"?
  5. What difficulties did Clarke face when attempting to focus the government's attention on Al Qaeda? Consider both the Bush and Clinton administrations in your response.
  6. Why does one speaker refer to Atta's plot as "the banality of evil?"
  7. What were the attackers required to do on the night before September 11?
  8. When you're done listening to the story, think about the Obama administration. Imagine that you are Richard Clarke. Is the Obama administration in any way distracted? Explain.

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