Friday, November 4, 2011

Attack of the Ads

This sign is right. For this project,
however, we will ignore its wisdom.
Keep your lobbying pamphlets on your desk.

Today, you will begin to take your campaign on the offensive -- literally, and metaphorically. Over the past month or so, you have gathered a massive amount of information about your candidate. You are becoming an expert on his likes and dislikes, his positives and negatives, his every idiosyncrasy. Starting today, you will put that knowledge to use.

Today and Monday, you will create an attack ad on behalf of your candidate's campaign. It should be 1-2 minutes in length.

This project has two components:
  • The research sheet. You started this on Tuesday. You will complete it today. It must be saved to the "Y:\Ramin American Politics\Republicans and Interest Groups" folder. It should be saved as "Your Last Names -- Your Candidate Name -- IG." Your completed research sheet is a 30 point project grade, based on this rubric.
  • The attack ad. You will begin work on this today in class and complete it Monday. It is due at the end of class on Monday. This is a 50 point project grade, based on this rubric.
I recommend that you use Windows Live Movie Maker. This site will tell you exactly how to create a 1 minute video using Windows Live Movie Maker. Watch the video. Although the subject matter is nothing like what we will be doing, all of the principles involved apply.

Part 5: Attack Ads
Start by watching at least 3 ads from the "Attack Ad Hall of Fame" site hosted by the University of Chicago. Use them to respond to the following:
  1. What is the most effective attack ad you watched? Why?
  2. The least effective? Why?
Part 6: Strategy
Take a look at this rather complete article from eHow titled "How to Create a Political Attack Ad." Use it to assist your planning process.

Choose one opponent to attack. Record the name of this candidate. Follow the steps in the article to plan your ad. Record the relevant information for each "Instruction" listed in the article.

Part 7: Script
Plan your attack ad. Write a summary describing exactly what you plan to include in your ad, in the correct order. This should be a bullet-point list.

Wherever you plan to include an internet resource, you must copy and paste the link for the photo, article, audio file or video you will use. This will serve as our bare-bones citation page for this project. Use reliable sources -- newspapers, university sites, news networks, etc.

You also have the option to create short videos using the digital cameras I have with me.

When in doubt, ask me if a source is reliable. Absolutely no blogs.

Create a new folder in my "Y:\Ramin American Politics\Attack Ads Research" folder. Use it to organize photos, articles, audio files, or videos you will use.

Part 8: The Ad
When you've finished gathering your information, it's time to start making your ad. At this point, you should have everything you need to eliminate your opponent with one devastating TV spot. Be creative, and follow the rubric.

Save your video to the "Y:\Ramin American Politics\Attack Ads" folder.

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