Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Lobbyist’s Handbook

•You will work with a partner to create a tri-fold pamphlet to help new lobbyists successfully do their jobs.
•You will use the information on pp. 313-318 to create your pamphlet.
•You will need to choose a cause that is important to you and follow the instructions on the next slide.
•HINT: Try not to get your potential lobbyists arrested.
•A cover image and title. Something like: “How To Be A ____________ Lobbyist”. Put your names on this page (“By: Student A and Student B) (5 pts.)
•An intro fold which explains your interest group’s goal to the prospective lobbyist. (5 pts.)
•Each “center” fold should include:
–an explanation of how to successfully use a lobbying strategy to promote your cause.  (3 pts. per fold)
–A focus on one strategy (DIRECT, GRASSROOTS, AND INFORMATION).  (1 pt. per fold)
–Steps to follow and/or simply pieces of advice. Each fold should be full of information. (4 pts. per fold)
–At least 2 references to text per fold. (2 pts. per fold)

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