Friday, October 22, 2010

Giannoulias v. Kirk -- 10/20/10 Debate

Hello political experts,

The debate between Illinois senate candidates Alexi Giannoulias and Mark Kirk can be found here. Watch the video and add a comment to this post for 2 points extra credit.


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  2. Both Kirk and Giannoulias had scandals that were highlighted in this video, and both candidates were able to defend themselves. Giannoulias is very charismatic and has poise and gestures similar to President Obama. On the other hand, Congressman Kirk seems more sincere than Giannoulis. However, the video alone can not determine which candidate is best to serve as state senator.

  3. In order for a candidate to win, they have to belittle their opponent which is exactly what the two men did. Both Mark Kirk and Alexi G. attacked their opponents but they didnt let that mess them up. The two men's flaws were mentioned in the video but they were able to come back strong and able to defend themselves. This is what politics is all about. ----LaNieja Miata McClure

  4. I don't believe we should focus solely on the candidates blemishes but we should focus on how are they a good candidate for the seat that they are running for. As we saw in class the candidates most of the time didn't answer the question that asked about their scandals. The more danced around the question.

    Marcus Muhammad

  5. I think that both candidates should address more of their views and what they stand for whether than arguing about their flaws and how they made up for them. I think their flaws are important to their campaign but I think that what they stand for is more important. We may not agree with what they have done in the past but we at least deserve the right to know what their purpose is and what they stand for that will give us some insight of who they are. I believe that if they are not getting down to the core issues then we really will not know a lot about them and this will make it very hard for voters.

    Pasharea Jackson