Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some Potential Sources

During your project, you will need to research and cite a minimum of six sources. These can be print, but the majority of your information will likely come from web sources. Your sources should include information about your candidate, the issues they support/oppose, the political climate of the state in which they are running, and information on your opponent. The following may be useful to you:

Potential Sources:
  • Official Candidate Websites (listed in candidates post on this blog)
  • Candidates' official sites for their current political position (i.e., Mark Kirk's congressional website)
  • The Gale Student Resources in Context database (current news articles, etc.)
  • The New York Times (login: psmgeo, password: psmgeo) and other local newspapers -- ask me if you don't know a newspaper for your location
  • State and federal governmet websites
  • A news search engine -- Yahoo or Google (NOTE: You will not cite these as "Yahoo" or "Google". Anything found through these searches needs to be cleared by me).
  • Polling sites: 538 and Gallup
  • NPR: This link takes you directly to a transcript of a discussion about some of the important midterm elections.

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