Friday, October 29, 2010

Politics in the News

Hello students,

If you finish your project work today, you can turn take a look at the following links:
  1. Rumor: Clinton Asks Florida Democrat to Quit Race
  2. NY Times Midterms Page
  3. The Tea Party's Idea of the Constitution
  4. Potential Replacements for Harry Reid (as Senate Majority Leader)
  5. Potential Negative Impact of Tea Party on GOP
  6. Republican Leaders Accept Tea Party
You might be able to use some of these for your project. If you are done, you may read one of the articles and post a comment to this post for two points extra credit. State the article's main point and state your views on the topic.


  1. The Tea Party's Idea of The Constitution- This article is about how Tea Party candidates use the Constitution as a campaign method to win voters. If Tea Party candidates are going to use ideas on reforming the Constitution as a campaign method, then they should actually do what they promise. Latrice Tillis

  2. Rumor: Clinton Asks Florida Democrat to Quit Race- It was rumored that former president, Bill Clinton asked Meek to drop out of Florida's three-way Senate race. Meek denied this accusation; however, some believe that this rumor might be accurate because Meek was behind in the race. This article does not surprise me because there is much corruption that goes on in politics. My hope is that the best candidate suited for the position is the one that wins the seat. Tara Levy